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Windows 11: Instructions for Opening the Color Management Program

You are able to modify the colours on your Windows computer by using colour management. With this tool, you may calibrate the colour so that it matches your preferences exactly. Not only this, but you also have the ability to customise the colour settings of each of the screens that you are utilising.

But the question arises How do I launch the colour management programme in Windows? Let’s go over all of the different ways you may launch the colour management tool on Windows 11 and calibrate the colour profile on your personal computer. There are multiple ways to achieve both of these things.

The contents of this section show many ways to open Windows 11’s colour management.
The many methods for accessing the colour management on your Windows 11 computer are detailed below.

1. Finding things with Windows Search
You may access the colour management on your personal computer by using the search function in Windows. To accomplish this, please proceed as outlined below:

When you press Windows and the letter S together, Windows Search will open.
In this box, type Color Management, then hit the Enter key. This will launch the Color Management programme on your personal computer. 2. Using the Run Dialog Box for Color Management
The Run dialogue box provides yet another entry point for opening the Color Management window. You can do it through the steps given below-

Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R.
Type colorcpl and then click on OK to open Color Management.
colorcpl \s3. Using Task Manager
You can also use the task manager to open Color Management on Windows 11. The steps for the same are discussed below-

Open Task Manager through Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combo.
Click on the Run New Task Button.
Here type colorcpl and then press Enter.
colorcpl task manager
4. Using Terminal
Another way to open colour management is through the Terminal. To accomplish this, please proceed in the following manner:

Press Windows + X key combo, and then from the quick access menu, click on Windows Terminal (Admin) (Admin).
Now, type the command colorcpl and press Enter, and Color Management will get opened.
type the command colorcpl \s5. Using File Explorer
You may also open Color Management on Windows 11 through File Explorer. To accomplish this, proceed as described in the following steps:

Hit Windows + E key combo, which will open File Explorer on your PC.
Click on the address bar at the top. Here, type colorcpl and then click Enter.
7. Using Settings
The settings app can also be used to open the Windows Color Management tool. The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken:

Hit Windows + I key combo to access the Settings app.
Under the System tab, click on the Display option.
system display
Now, click on Advanced Display Settings.
Superior Presentation
Select your display by using the drop-down menu that is located next to the instruction to “Select a display to view or change its settings.” If you only have a single display, you can skip this step and proceed to the next one in the process. This step is only for users who have multiple displays.
Now, select the Display Adapter Properties menu item by clicking on it.
The Color Management button can be found by going to the Color Management tab and clicking there.
Push button for colour management.
6. Using Control Panel
In conclusion, another option for launching Color Management is to use the Control Panel. The procedures for accomplishing this are as follows:

You can access the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, then typing in its name.

Try looking for the control panel.
Now, select Huge Icons from the selection that appears when you click on the option that is located next to View By.
To manage colours, select the Color Management option from this menu.
To access Color Management in Windows 11, click the Start button.
The Color Management window on your Windows 11 computer can be opened in any one of these ways. To launch the Color Management tool, you can choose to implement either of the approaches described in this article.

How can I adjust the colour calibration in Windows 11?
With the help of the Windows Color Management application, it is possible to adjust the colour settings on Windows. You can modify the colour settings on your computer by using this utility, which comes preinstalled on Windows computers.

How do I open the Color Management window in Windows?
Simply tap the Windows key on your keyboard, type Color Management, and then press the Enter key to activate Windows Color Management. This will launch the Color Management programme on your personal computer.

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