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What are the top ten strategic technology trends according to Gartner for the years 2023?

Application of the Digital Immune System to Observability
Management of Trust, Risk, and Security Concerning AI (AI TRISM)
Platforms in the Cloud for Industries
Superapps that Focus on Platform Engineering and Wireless Value Realization
Intelligent Machine Learning with an Adaptive Metaverse and Sustainable Technology
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What do the strategic technology trends identified by Gartner mean for your company?
It’s possible that your company could benefit from cutting costs, increasing margins, or reinvesting. Or perhaps you are still in the process of expanding your business. It’s possible that now is the right time to make a course correction and rethink the business model. It’s possible that some of you will need to accomplish all of these things at the same time.

This list can be used by business executives and technicians to evaluate the possible impact of various technological developments on key business initiatives, such as increasing revenue, advancing digital, maximising value derived from data, or protecting and building your brand.

These trends may constitute a threat or an opportunity for your company, and the following list will assist you in developing a technological road map that will enable you to make an influence on a variety of strategic goals.

You can create your own path by determining the time at when these trends will become the most significant. At the same time, you should be aware that implementing these trends does not have to be done all at once.

Which business concerns will be most effectively addressed by the technological trends of 2023?
In the next three years, we anticipate that the trends of 2023 will have an impact on enterprise strategies by enabling organisations to address the following four important priorities:

Increasing either the robustness of operations or the level of confidence
Increase your company’s efficiency and the value you provide to customers by improving your product delivery and connectivity.
Innovative approaches to consumer involvement, rapid replies, or opportunity creation
Pursuit of environmentally responsible technological solutions
First, we will optimise.
These developments optimise information technology systems for improved reliability, improve decision making that is driven by data, and retain the value and integrity of artificial intelligence (AI) production systems.
By combining a variety of software engineering methodologies in order to provide protection against risk, Digital Immune System is able to deliver an improved client experience. It accomplishes this by delivering robust systems that reduce the likelihood of operational and security hazards through the use of observability, automation, extreme design, and testing.

Applied Observability draws its insights from the data that an enterprise generates and then applies artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the data and provide recommendations. These insights enable an organisation to make future decisions that are both more quickly and accurately. When implemented methodically, it has the potential to shorten the amount of time required for a response and improve the efficiency of corporate processes in real time.

Governance of artificial intelligence models, trustworthiness, fairness, dependability, robustness, efficacy, and data protection are all supported by AI TRiSM. It incorporates techniques for explaining the outcomes of AI, rapidly deploying new models, actively monitoring AI security, and controls for issues pertaining to privacy and ethics.
Scale, the second theme
These technological advancements quicken the pace at which products are delivered, enabling connectivity in more places, and accelerate the delivery of vertical offers.
Industry Cloud Platforms combine SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS with specialized, industry-specific functionality that companies can employ to make it easier for themselves to adjust to the constant stream of disruptions that are occurring in their own industries.

Platform Engineering offers a hand-picked collection of tools, features, and procedures that are packaged in a way that makes them accessible to end users and developers with minimal effort. It will lead to an increase in the productivity of end users and a reduction in the workload for development teams.

Wireless-Value The term “realization” refers to the process of providing wireless network services from any and all sources, such as traditional end-user computing, support for edge devices, digital tagging systems, and so on. These kinds of networks go well beyond simply providing connectivity; in addition to providing locations and other real-time information and insights gleaned through analytics, they also make it possible for systems to directly harvest network energy.
The third theme on the list of the top ten strategic technology trends for 2023 is called Pioneer.
These trends are centred on easing the transition to new business models, reimagining how companies interact with their consumers and staff, and expediting the development of strategies to break into new virtual markets.
The term “superapp” refers to applications that are more than just composite applications because they aggregate services. A superapp is an application that integrates the capabilities of multiple apps, as well as a platform and an ecosystem, into a single application. It also serves as a platform on which third parties can build and publish their own miniapps.

Adaptive artificial intelligence makes it possible to change the behaviour of a model after it has been deployed. This is accomplished through the use of real-time feedback, which is then used to continuously retrain models and learn inside runtime and development settings. This allows AI to respond more quickly to shifting conditions in the real world.

People are able to simulate or improve their own physical activity through the use of the Metaverse. This may take place by moving or extending activities from the real world into the virtual world, or it could take place by modifying the real world itself. It is a type of innovation known as combinatorial innovation, and it is made up of several different technological topics and skills.
Technologies are the primary drivers of the desperately needed business outcomes.
The Fourth Concept: Environment-Friendly Technology
In 2023, merely delivering technological solutions will not be sufficient. A framework of solutions that boosts the energy and efficiency of IT services, enables enterprise sustainability through technologies such as traceability, analytics, emissions management software, and artificial intelligence, and helps customers reach their own sustainability objectives. This is what we mean by the term “sustainable technology.”
Investments in environmentally friendly technologies not only offer new opportunities for expansion, but also have the ability to improve a company’s operational robustness as well as its financial performance.

To summarise:

The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends compiled by Gartner will assist you in meeting the requirements that your company has to optimize, scale, or pioneer.

The trends make it possible for you to link the technological innovation of your business with the future strategic goals of your organisation.

Putting money into environmentally friendly technology not only has operational and financial benefits, but it also can open up prospects for expansion.

David Groombridge is a member of the IT Leaders and Technical Professionals team at Gartner Research, where he holds the position of Distinguished VP Analyst. He conducts research on all aspects of the IT sourcing cycle, with a specific emphasis on identifying best practises for the procurement of outsourced digital workplace services, hybrid infrastructure services, and SAP system hosting. He offers advice to customers with the selection of vendors, as well as the pricing, structure, and terms of contracts, as well as commercial negotiations.

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