Apple iPhone 14 Pro price is shocking : check out

There are still a few months to go for the launch of the iphone 14

The 2022 iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to come without the notch in favor of a new design

Experts are not expecting any significant design changes this year

The Pro iPhone models are expected to get 48-megapixel cameras and 8K video recording capabilities 

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 models are likely to continue to use the same A15 chip 

apple iphone 14 price 

Iphone 14 Pro Max could see their prices inflated by at least $100 this year 

According@TheGalox, it is said that the iPhone 14 Pro could start at $1099 while the iPhone 14 Pro Max could start at $1199.

Although it have not been confirmed by Apple yet, so you have to wait for Apple's official launch event, which is expected to happen in September 2022.

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