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Kannnada actress dies due to plastic surgery !!

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Kannada TV actor Chethana Raj has died after complications from a cosmetic surgery she had undergone at a private hospital in Bengaluru
The 21-year-old actor's family alleged she died due to negligence by Dr Shetty's Cosmetic Centre where she had undergone the procedure.
Chethana had reportedly undergone a ‘fat-free’ surgery on May 16, soon after which she experienced some breathing difficulties
Local media reports suggest that fluid had accumulated in her lungs, causing her to become breathless. However, there was no ICU available at the cosmetic hospital she got operated in.
Thereafter, she was immediately shifted to the Kaade Hospital in Manjunath Nagar but the doctors there declared her brought dead
Some reports also suggest that the actor had undergone the surgery without her parents' knowledge and did not inform them even when she got admitted back after facing complications.
Doctors at the Kaade Hospital were reportedly said Chethana had suffered a cardiac arrest. Upon her arrival at the hospital, doctors checked her and found her to be unresponsive and with ‘no pulse’.
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