How to Eliminate Private Information from the Metadata of Files Utilizing Windows 11

A particular file, document, webpage, or image can have metadata attached to it, which contains information about it. When you create a new Word document or folder in Windows, it will automatically attach your personal information as well as any other pertinent information to the new Word document, folder, image, or video that you create.

Each file in Windows contains metadata that can be used to better understand the file. You are able to view information about the file, including who created it, its format, its location, the date and time it was created, the date it was last modified, and even its size.

If, on the other hand, you are contemplating removing metadata or any of your personal information from any file, then you need not worry because we have you covered. To follow along with, here is our in-depth and exclusive guide on how to delete personal information from the metadata of a file in Windows 11.

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The Process of Eliminating Private Information from Files Metadata in Windows 11
Even metadata is useful because it provides resources and information that is pertinent to the files, documents, and multimedia files that have been created. However, if we are concerned about the safety of our private information while we are in the process of sharing a file with other people or uploading it to the internet, the best course of action is to delete the metadata information.

In Windows 11, we have compiled two different strategies for removing personal information from the metadata of files. So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the methods.

1. Instructions on How to Erase Personal Information from Metadata Using File Explorer
The newly redesigned File Explorer in Windows 11 has increased functionality compared to previous versions. Consequently, this is the procedure that must be followed in order to delete personal metadata using File Explorer.

Simply open File Explorer by pressing Windows, searching for it, and then opening it.

open file explorer
After that, move to the file from which you wish to remove personal metadata information and open it.
After that, give the file, document, or picture a right-click. And choose the appropriate properties.
Proceed at this point to the tab labelled Details. Following that, select the option to Remove Properties and Personal Information from the menu.
The following window will provide you with two options, one of which will delete all metadata and read “create a copy of with all possible properties removed.” The other option will read “create a copy of with all possible properties left intact.” While another gives you the ability to delete certain kinds of metadata, Delete the properties listed in the following paragraph from the file.
After making your selections, select the checkboxes next to any personal details that you do not wish to share and then click the “OK” button.
2. Instructions on How to Erase Personal Information and Metadata from a Word Document Using Microsoft Word
Getting rid of any specific meta information was covered in the first method that was presented to us. Even after this, you will find that you miss being able to delete add-ins, revisions, macros, and other components from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Let’s get rid of all of this personal information by following this straightforward procedure.

Launch Microsoft Office and navigate to the file from which you want to remove all references to the information.
Now, select Info from the File menu.
Click the Check for issues link, then click the Inspect Document button on the following page.
click Inspect Document
Click the Inspect button after you have selected the information that should be inspected by checking the box next to it.
Examine the button here.
To get rid of the information that was mentioned, click the button labelled Remove all.
After that, select the item by clicking the button labelled Reinspect.
And finally, select the button labelled “Inspect.”
Closing Remarks
One of the essential things to have in order to learn more about the file or document is its metadata. However, when it comes to the protection of sensitive personal information. Consequently, eliminating those benefits in a variety of respects.

Therefore, these are two of the few methods available in Windows 11 for removing personal information from the metadata of files. Leave a comment below and let us know if the aforementioned method has presented you with any challenges or questions.

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