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How Can I Send a Text Message With a Starbucks Gift Card?

Please instruct us in this advice on how to give a gift card for Starbucks by text message. Gift cards from Starbucks are cards that have already been paid for. At any Starbucks shop, you may buy goods, as well as food and drinks to go with them.

Both online and at any of their official stores, customers can get their hands on a Starbucks gift card. Coffee connoisseurs might appreciate receiving one of these gift cards. It is a really easy and convenient way to buy a cup of coffee or a snack for someone else. Gift cards for Starbucks can be purchased in a variety of monetary amounts. Also, you have the ability to reload them whenever necessary with additional cash.

The contents demonstrate
You can use your iPhone to send a text message containing a Starbucks gift card.
You may send a Starbucks gift card to anyone, regardless of whether they have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, and the recipient will still get it. If they are using an iPhone, the gift card for that device will be sent to them over iMessage.

If the receiver is using an Android smartphone, rather than seeing a graphical depiction of the gift card, they will receive a link to the card itself. A Starbucks gift card can only be transferred directly between customers of the same store. Because of this, it is not possible to give a gift card to a message group.

The procedure to follow in order to send a gift card for Starbucks is as follows.

Get the App Store up and running on your iPhone.
You should download the Starbucks app onto your iPhone.
Begin by opening the Messages app.
You can either start a new chat with the contact you want to talk to, or you can retrieve an existing conversation thread from a prior interaction.
Tap the Apps icon that is conveniently located close to the text box to open the App drawer.
Send text messages containing Starbucks gift cards to recipients.
If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a symbol for Starbucks gifts. Tap on it.
There will be a number of Starbucks gift cards distributed. You can select anybody you want by tapping on them.
Determine how much money will be on that gift card. It may be a gift card worth $5, $10, or $25 depending on the amount.
Tap on Purchase.
Next, in order to validate the transaction, you will need to submit either your Touch ID or Face ID, and if necessary, you can even enter the passcode on your iPhone.
You also have the option of adding a comment to your purchase, which serves only to provide further context.
Customers who pay with credit cards will see the phrase “Starbucks card Egift” appear next to the transaction on their statements when they buy a Starbucks gift card.


1. What Is the Proper Way for the Recipient to Make Use of the Starbucks Gift Card?
The recipient will be able to see the Starbucks gift card in the text message window on their phone. Also, the recipient is required to have a Starbucks account as well as download the Starbucks app into their mobile device.

On the gift card, there will be a choice that reads “Tap to Use the Gift Card.”
If you select the option located directly above it, the Starbucks app will open.
After that, the recipient has the option of printing the gift card or adding it to their Starbucks app, which will allow them to spend it at any Starbucks location.
Simply by presenting the gift card to the barista at any Starbucks location, the recipient will be able to get the value of their purchase redeemed. If not, customers have the option of adding it to the Starbucks app and paying with their mobile device instead.
2. How to Get the Most Out of Your Starbucks Gift Cards
You should have no trouble finding a variety of gift cards that are relevant to the occasion or any other event that is taking place at that moment. Hence, choose a gift card that is appropriate. This will make the gift card more significant and special for the person who will be receiving it.

3. Is an Email Delivery Option Available for Starbucks Gift Cards?
Here are the procedures to follow in order to send an email containing a Starbucks gift card. While using the official Starbucks app, you will need to link your credit card to your Starbucks account.

Start up the Starbucks mobile app.
Go until the very bottom of the application.
To purchase a Gift Card, first select the Gift option from the drop-down menu.
Click the Add Item button.
Enter the email address of the person you are sending the message to, as well as your own information.
Next, you will be prompted to input the value that you wish to load onto the gift card.
Tap on Make Payment. That sums it up nicely.
gift cards for Starbucks can be sent.

4. In the Starbucks app, is it possible to share a gift card with a friend?
This is not only feasible but also takes only a few short seconds to accomplish. You, the sender, as well as the recipient, need to have an account in order to use the Starbucks app.

Start up the Starbucks mobile app.
Choose the tab labelled Gift.
Choose the most appropriate design for the gift card based on the occasion.
You can choose how much money will be on the gift card; the minimum is $5 and the maximum is $50.
In order to make the gift card more memorable, you should also write a personalised note on it.
Use the Make Payment button to complete your purchase.
Wrapping Up
That wraps up everything there is to know about sending a Starbucks gift card through text message from your iPhone. It is a wonderful idea to treat your loved ones to a cup of coffee from the most prestigious coffee brand in the world as a gift on a special occasion. I really hope the guide was helpful to you.

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