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Fixing Windows 11 When It Gets Stuck in the Airplane Mode

You might be able to fix network problems that you’re having with your Windows 11 computer by using the “Airplane mode” and then turning it off. When you are flying, you can work offline by activating the aeroplane mode on your device. What should you do, though, if you are unable to switch off the aeroplane mode on your computer? Customers have complained that Windows 11 was unable to exit the Airplane Mode on their computers after they experienced this problem.

You will not be able to use any networking services, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, when Airplane Mode is on on your device. If you are unable to disable the Airplane Mode and have found your way to this page in search of a solution to this problem, then you have arrived at the appropriate location; let’s see how you may solve this problem.

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How to Repair Windows 11 When It Gets Stuck in the Airplane Mode
Are you having trouble disabling the Airplane Mode on your Windows 11 device? The following is a list of troubleshooting procedures that can be taken to repair it:

1. Restart your PC
You might try restarting your computer if you are unable to disengage the aeroplane mode on your device. If the problem is being caused by an error or a technical glitch on your system, then restarting the computer should fix the problem. You should restart your computer and then check to see if you can disable the aeroplane mode. If you are still experiencing the problem, proceed to the next step in this article’s troubleshooting process. Windows 11 must be restarted on the PC.

2. Open the troubleshooter for the network
If Airplane Mode won’t leave Windows 11, you might try using the Network Troubleshooter to see if that helps. This will check your network for problems and fix any problems that it finds. Follow the procedures that are listed below in order to use the Network troubleshooter:

After pressing the Windows key, select the Settings icon from the menu that appears.
To troubleshoot an issue, select the Troubleshoot option from the System menu.
After that, select the Other Troubleshooters option by clicking on it.
Several other problem-solvers
Now, to run the network troubleshooter, click the Run button that is located next to the Internet Connections, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
Internet Connections
3. Change Power Management Settings
Altering the parameters for the power management system is yet another option open to you. You can accomplish this by following the steps that are outlined below:

After pressing the Windows key in combination with the X key, click the Device Management button.

Manager of Devices
Next, extend the list of Network Adapters by double-clicking on it to bring up the expansion menu.
To access the properties of your network driver, right-click on the driver, and then select Properties.
network driver, then select Properties from the drop-down menu.
Go to the tab labelled Power Management, and then de-select the tick that says In order to conserve electricity, you should let the computer switch off this device. Please turn off this appliance so the computer can conserve some electricity.
When you are finished, you can save the changes by clicking the OK button.
4. Get your network drivers up to date or reinstall them.
This issue might potentially be caused by drivers that are either out of date or broken. You can check to see if the problem is resolved by installing the most recent version of the network drivers. To ensure that your drivers are always up to current, make sure to follow these steps:

After pressing the Windows key, go to the Start menu and open the Device Manager application.
Now, expand the Network Adapters listings by doing a double click on the list itself.
After right-clicking on the network driver, select the Update Driver option from the context menu.
update network driver
After that, select the option to Search Automatically for Drivers to bring the driver up to current.
In the event that updating the driver does not resolve the issue, you might attempt to reinstall the network driver instead. The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken:

Launch Device Manager, then extend the list of network adapters that is displayed.
After right-clicking on the network driver, select the Remove Device option from the context menu.
Remove the Device Installer
To confirm the removal of the driver, click on the Uninstall button.
Now, you will need to restart your computer in order to reinstall the driver.
5. Put an end to the Radio Management Service
To fix Windows 11 so that it no longer gets stuck in Airplane Mode, you can stop the Radio Management Service. It will be possible for you to accomplish so if you follow the instructions that are listed below:

Launch the Start Menu, look for “Services,” and then launch it.

look into the available services.
Here, look for the Radio Management Service, then right-click on it and select the Properties option from the context menu.
Radio Operations Management System
Choose “Disabled” from the list of options that appears beneath the “Startup Type” heading.
Disabled should be chosen for the Startup Type.
Now, to save the changes, click the Apply button, and then the OK button.
6. Update BIOS
This issue could possibly be caused by an outdated BIOS. To fix Windows 11 so that it no longer gets stuck in Airplane Mode, you will need to manually upgrade the BIOS. Because the procedure to update the BIOS can be different for each type of motherboard, you will need to consult the manual that came with your motherboard before attempting to update the BIOS. If you own a laptop, you should consult the manual that came with it for instructions on how to update the BIOS.

Closing Remarks
The solution to your problem, if you are unable to switch off aeroplane mode on your Windows 11 computer, can be found in the article that was just referenced. If you are still unable to disable the aeroplane mode on your computer, you will need to perform a hard reset. You can fix this problem by either resetting your computer or installing Windows 11 again.

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