The trailer for Spider-Verse 2 pokes fun at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “little geek” Spider-Man.

The new trailer for “Across the Spider-Verse” features a number of different Spider-Men to marvel at, but the one thing that got us laughing was a reference to a particular incarnation of the web-slinger.
Due to the fact that the new trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was only released a short while ago, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been combing through the newly released snippets in search of hidden references and Easter eggs for superhero movies.
And considering that the release date for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is not far off, fans’ excitement is just growing with each passing day as they learn more about what they can anticipate from the film.

And while the most recent trailer for the new Spider-Man movie provides us with a lot to look at (such as a more in-depth look into the Spider-Verse, Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara, and The Spot), fans who have been paying close attention have noticed one throwaway line that might just be referencing a very familiar Spider-Man actor.

In the latest promotional video for the upcoming animated film, Miguel O’Hara scolds Miles, warning him that he’ll never be able to join the select group of Spider-Men who travel across the multiverse.
His exclamation is, “Don’t even get me started on Doctor Strange and the little nerd back on Earth-199999!”
However, considering that the Marvel movies have been meandering across the multi-verse for some time now, it is becoming a little bit difficult to keep track of what exactly is happening in the Marvel timeline. But just in case you forgot, Earth-199999 is in the same reality as our version of the Avengers and Spider-Man. This means that the “little nerd” in question could only be our version of Tom Holland in a different incarnation.

Could this perhaps suggest that the adventure movie will have a real-life or animated appearance from Mr. Holland himself? But, within the confines of the Spider-Verse, there are no real boundaries to speak of. Now it looks like we’ll simply have to sit tight and see what happens.

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